Our Mission

To operate a safe and effective mentoring program in Centre County to assist participants in becoming constructive, contributing members of the community.

Our Team

Community members who are willing to invest in the lives of others. Each mentor will be matched with one participant while the participant is incarcerated and continue meeting weekly once the participant is released from Centre County Correctional Facility.

Local individuals who are or have been incarcerated at the Centre County Correctional Facility. At the time the match is made the participant will be up to 90 days pre-release. They will begin meeting weekly with their mentor at the facility and continue meeting in the community once released.

Mentor Coordinators:
Here to offer support to both the mentors and the participants as they begin to build relationships with each other. Mentor coordinators will check in regularly to make sure matches are feeling safe and confident, meeting up consistently, and to offer resources and ideas.